Fish Tank Hood V.2





Introduction: Fish Tank Hood V.2

Set of photos, showing my DIY bonanza with second version of aquarium hood.
The hood is made from 6mm PVC sheet, inside/outside self adh. vinyl plus aluminium mirrors from celling light tube fitting, standard Arcadia T5 leads, electronic OSRAM T5 light tube ballasts, cable glands (other small bits and pieces).
I designed the hood to have sort of collar inside, and prevent condensation drip outside the tank.
As you can see project is slightly different to execution but general idea stayed the same.
BTW I don't know how to add better quality jpeg with autocad drawing but hopefully you'll see what is all about.



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    What hood? I can't stop marveling at what an amazing aquaculture setup you've got going! Got more pix? How about an Instructable on how to create such an amazing tank?

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    It's not me it's Kalvin Cycle ( I'm only supplying what is needed for Kalvin Cycle - Carbon, Light and Water (with addition of N(nitrogen), P(phosphorus), K(Potassium) and other traces) rest is up to Mother Nature ;-). Thanks for comment anyway. Cheers

    really nice fish tank hood....
    I wish there is pvc sheet in my country....