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Introduction: Fishbone Necklace

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I just received my runner-up prize for the Great Outdoors Contest including a Snapper knotless gear tie. Watching Fishbone's videos, I came up with this simple way to make rugged looking necklace. I think the look of the Snapper is super cool, and it makes a perfect necklace. Fishbone did an awesome job designing their products.

Stuff you need:
- any of Fishbone's knotless gear ties (I won the Snapper, so that is what I used)
- paracord

Step 1: Paracord Preparation

Cut a length of paracord 2 1/2 feet long and singe the ends.

Step 2: The Tie

Bring both ends of the paracord together and slip them through the eye of the Snapper from the bottom. Wrap the ends around the back of the neck, under, then under the paracord. Pull tight. Feed the cord back so the two ends are not dangling around.

This length of rope might allow the gear tie to hang lower than you prefer. I suggest starting with this length, then trimming the paracord according to your desires. While the loop is large enough to slip over my head, I find it more fun to tie it while the paracord is already around my neck. You may find this to be true for you.

Step 3: That's It

That really is all. I love the look of this necklace, and the ease of creating it. I hope you do too!

Please comment on this Instructable if only to let me know you are alive and well, thanks :)


P.S. Thank you Instructables and Fishbone for the great prizes :)

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    Haha yep, I think I will have to make one.