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Hey there! Here's another tutorial from Paper Chaser TO. Today we'll be making a Fisherman Vest Card and you either use our template or craft it from scratch.

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Step 1: Materials Used

Step 2: Inking the Card

Once you have the pieces cut out and all necessary materials gathered, you're ready to start crafting this wonderful card.

To start off this card, we're going to be inking all the pocket and vest pieces with black and brown ink. Be sure to fold the vest piece before you start inking it.

When you're finished inking the vest and the pockets, glue the pockets onto the vest.

Step 3: Adding on the Little Things

Now we're going to white pieces onto the inside of the vest. Using some dimensional foam adhesive, we're going to be sticking on the bobbers and baits onto the vest.

Step 4: The Hook and Fishing Rod

Get your white thread and cut a piece of it off. Make sure it's around 30cm long as we're going to be attaching this to the hook and the fishing rod. I'm using a noose knot technique to secure the thread onto the hook.

Now with the opposite end of the thread, we're going to start looping it through the fishing rod. When that's done, you're going to want to pull on the thread until the hook sits where you want it to sit, and wrap the remaining thread around the reel on the rod. Add glue after to secure it and use scissors to snip off any excess threading.

Step 5: The Finishing Touch

Use the fishing rod to measure where you want to place it and the spots that you need to apply glue to. When you've done that, simply press it down into place, and the card is finished!

Now you have an amazing fisherman vest card!

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    2 years ago

    This was adorable, I know a couple people in my life who I could make this for! Thanks for sharing :)