Fishfrog27's Animal Crossing City Folk Daily Routine.




About: Hi! Im the fishfrog and I like making guns from knex, and playing my wii. I fight the one man war against ps3 cause i hate it.... I've got Mario kart wii(and ds),ssbb,Call of duty 4, world at war, Black ops,...

I will be showing you my routine on accf. Please comment and give Animal crossing numbers. All you need is a Nintendo Wii, Wii remote and Animal crossing.


Step 1: First.

Check you mail! You never know if you might have a present attached to the letters. You might also get good information on new events that are coming up.

Step 2: Second.

Find fossils for the museum. It feel amazing when you complete a skeleton. Also you learn great info on the dead critters themselves.

Step 3: Third.

Browse Tom nooks store for goods. You never know what you might stumble across... Also if your short on change, try hitting rocks in your town. Money should fall out of one of them. This can only be done once a day.

Step 4: Forth

Fish.... Give's great money! 15000 for the stringfish...

Step 5: Fifth

Check recycle box and lost and found for items. Look especially in lost and found for clothes like the gold suit that im wearing. Also go into town and look in reds shop for cool stuff like paintings for the museum. Also check in the museum cafe for k.k on a saturday at 8:00 pm. Get k.k crusin', its the best k.k song.

Step 6: Credits.

Thank you for viewing remember to leave you Animal crossing number on the comments. As with all my Instructables, i credit a lot of people so here goes...

Charlie Mclean
Quedelle Miller
Keegan Tappin
And Nintendo for making the wii and Animal crossing.
Also Bandit the Bearded Dragon as seen in the pic.



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