Fishing Knots: Uni and Clinch

When you're out on the water and you need to switch between different lures, switches, and leaders these two simple knots come in real handy. Both of these knots are very sturdy and reliable. Whether you're lake, river, or pond fishing, these knots will never fail you. The Clinch Knot and The Uni knot are very simple and sturdy.

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Step 1: Clinch Knot: Make a Loop

Step 2: Clinch Knot: Wrap the Line Around the Loop

Step 3: Clinch Knot: Wrap the Line Around the Loop Several Times

Step 4: Clinch Knot: Put the End of the Line Through the Loop

Step 5: Clinch Knot: Pull Each Ends of the Line!

Step 6: Uni: Make an S

Step 7: Uni: Wrap the End of the Line Around the Top of the S

Step 8: Uni: Wrap Around Several Times

Step 9: Uni: Pull the End Through the Loop!

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