Fishing Lure Necklace




Introduction: Fishing Lure Necklace

The tackle shop sells a number of realistic-looking critters. Faux fish come in several, stylish colors.


faux-fish fishing lure
wire cutters
scissors, as usual.

Step 1: Cut the Hook

Squish the fish's body down the hook so that the wire's end will be recessed inside the fish once cut. Cut with wire cutters. Careful that the hook doesn't fly off when you cut it.

Step 2: Bead On...

Tie the thread through the hook's eye on the head of the fish.

Bead as desired and tie the clasp to the end. The clasp will hook securely around the thin part of the fish's tail.



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    OMG :D I've seen all those gorgeous lures in the shops and have wanted to buy them for years! Never had a reason to...until now ;) Glad I am not the only one thinking realistic fish draped around my neck [or other parts of my body], would be a wicked cool idea ;D

    Just before making this necklace, I was making fishing lure earrings that use spinners. Of course, next to the spinners are these great jelly fish. I've always loved the jelly fish lures, and this one matched the abalone beads my mother had given me. I suppose it just all fell together.

    Heh. Your first pic, when viewed at the top of this page, looks kinda like a hamburger! Nice necklace, though!

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    use Rapala lures and bend the trebs down to secur them i used 6 jointed raps

    cool! and really simple to make it looks like. how creative! nice job

    thats cool and i dont see hows its "EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!", jdog1.

    There is a serious amount of plasticizers in those things, in a tackle box you have to keep them separate from the hardbody lures because they will dissolve them.

    Eh? Im pretty sure you are wrong. The only thing they are coated with is scent, and maybe they are impregnated with salt. If they "dissolve" plastic, then why do they come in a plastic bag, and sit in a plastic tackle box? Mine sit in between my crankbaits and my poppers. No problems at all.

    you have to keep them away from the fake worm lures, but that's about it.. And those things dissove from just about any kind of oil . :O

    IM SHOCKED! That is a waste of a perfectly good swimbait! But its for a good cause.


    11 years ago

    At least you de-hooked them :)

    Check out my new online tackle shop!

    The fish has a great feeling--nice and jiggly without being gummy. I havent had any problems with it effecting the shell and glass beads, and the weight and hook (presumably the lead part) are not exposed to the skin. That said, I'll do my best not to suck on it.

    Fishing lures are chock full o' lead. It looks wicked cool, but don't suck on it, hard as that may be to resist.

    It's so pretty. But I was wondering if the fish is kind of sticky? It sounds like it might be from your description.


    11 years ago