Fishing Rod Hammock

Introduction: Fishing Rod Hammock

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Tired of having your rods standing in the corner of your garage? No more! I was tired of it myself so this is what I did.
I have exsting shelves that I build to store your standard rubermaid bins full of xmas decorations and camping gear. On the underside of this shelf I took some nylon rope and used cable staples to secure the rope to the bottom of my shelf in a zig zag pattern. At one end I made a standard knot and at the other end I placed an eye hook and tied a loop to the end of the rope so that you can remove the rods with ease.

First photo is what the corner of my garage used to look like
Second are the tools needed (hammer, rope, cable staples and stanley knife, eye hook already installed)
Third photo is the shelf that I put this under
Fourth photo shows the staple holding the rope in place
Fifth photo shows the eye hook holding the end of the "hammock"
Sixth photo shows the finished hammock under the shelf
Sevent photo shows the hammock with my fishing rods in their new home!

My first instructable, I have used many ideas from this site, so figured I should return the favor.

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