Fishing Rod Holder

Introduction: Fishing Rod Holder

fishing rod holder for keeping rods out of the way

Step 1: Measure

In this step, you have to figure out how many fishing rods you have to store and how much space you need.

from there you'll have to figure out what size reels you have if you want to store them with it. then you will have to select a 1 by 4 that is the correct length to fit what you need. in this case I decided to build it to fit 6 fishing rods. I allotted about 3 inches of space between fishing rods.

Step 2: Cut

now allotting about 3 inches of space between rods and about 5 inches after the last fishing rod cut your 1 by 4 to the proper length. next I created a template with my jigsaw of the angle that I can actually cut so that I could overlap on the board and be able to cut them the correct size. what you are looking for is sort of a fish hook shape with all of the fish hooks facing the same direction and with the hook sitting points sitting point side up you want the extra space for your hinge to sit above. next align your template over the measurements you decided for your in between Rod length. trace your template on to the wood and then cut out with your jigsaw. be sure to create relief Cuts so that you can create the right angle. next to the same thing on the other piece of wood making sure to align the cuts so the fishing rods that level.

Step 3: Wall Hanger

next you will cut the part that attaches to the wall to the correct length to give you enough space between your fishing rods and still be able to Anchor to the studs in your wall this obviously matters depending on your fishing rod size you were trying to hang.

Step 4: Hinges

next you will create the hinges again out of one by fours in this case when I did is just cut the length to offset it from the wall so that when you have it in the upright position it leans at an angle back was to the wall so it won't fall out words. then you will drill holes through the back of your wall mount into your one by fours that will become the hinge and secured with screws and wood glue if you prefer. then drill the hole through the rod holder part so that it has the correct distance to be able to rotate all the way through the arc to go vertical in this case I just cut half circle in the end of the 1 x 4. now drill a hole through the hinges themselves to secure a bolt with two washers on each side of the rod holder so that it can spin freely then added screws so that when the rod holder is in the upright position it won't accidentally fall and I just tighten them until they contact the wood.

Step 5: Finishing

now sand and everything so that it is smooth so that when you put the rod holder up and down you don't get splinters. then assemble everything and just add fishing rods. when you have the fishing rods added rotate the boards up to the vertical position and they sit on the fish hook barb and it will hold them in place so they don't fall out.

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