Fishing Survival Kit





Introduction: Fishing Survival Kit

this is how to make an awesome fishing survival kit in an old spice jar!!!

Step 1: Empty, and Clean Jar, Gather Supplies

you will need
4 hooks
2 small
1 medium
1 large
6 sinkers
2 large
2 medium
2 small
1 swirl tail jig
1 jig
1 bobber
4 swivel joints
4 quick clips
fishing line
and the spice container

Step 2: Put in Supplies

first the jigs
then the hooks
then the sinkers
then the swivels and quick clips
last add the bobber (make sure bobber fits nicely but doesn't get stuck)

Step 3: Cover With Cap

cover with cap

Step 4: Wrap Fishline Around

wrap the fishin line around the bottle carefully and tightly
tie off the end with a little tape



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    20 Discussions

    I have never successfully caught one fish with a wire leader, not saying it doesnt work just have never been succesfull

    Ok I did not really yell I was just really excited. It was a great Idea! But i will delete it then.

    u siad it was a stupid show. do u mean where you learned that smoking nutmeg got u high. or were you talking about my instuctable (i didn't mean video, i made a video but didn't post it) :}

    yes it is, its a small, plastic, green lid, spice jar found at stores like pick N' save. I would bet you money. when i said old i didnt mean 1970's old i meant unused for a while