Fishing Line Separator and Spool Holder.

This is a two piece design that is used to both hold fishing line on a spool, and to separate the two pieces of line that way you don't have to worry about the lines getting tangled.

What did i make? i made a tool that is used to hold and separate two different strands of fishing line while at the same time holding the spool of line itself.

How did i make it? i used a computer program called solidworks to make the prototype of these tools, then i uploaded my files to a flash drive and entered them into a computer that hooked up to a CNC machine and had the machine print them out

Where did i make it? i made this tool in my school where we are all fotunate enough to have both the program solid works and a CNC machine.

What did i learn? i learned that having a CNC is a plus, and also a very rare thing. most schools can not afford a CNC machine and i an very thankful to say that my school does.




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