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Introduction: Fishing With Altoids Tins

I was looking at the altoids fishing device and decided to add a reel so it wouldn't take hundreds of turns to bring in the fishing line. To fit it in the tin, I had to drill the hole in the top instead of the side. Since I don't have a pole to attach to it I just use it for trolling because you don't need to cast while trolling. Hope you like it! Please comment and rate. If I catch any fish with it I will post the pics!

**UPDATE** The entire Altoids kit! I also made a grill, mini grill (for little stuff), and a pocket tacklebox (you can find the instruction for the tacklebox here:

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    What materials did you you'es

    how do you keep the line positioned straight so that when your reeling it in it goes onto the reel instead of just into the box?

    I really want to try this. I think I'll modify an old tape spool. ;D PS What do you use for the pole?

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    I actually don't have anything to use as a pole. I only use it for trolling. I actually haven't used it yet since I can't troll in the winter.

    Better than foam (no insult intended to T-Bone), you can also use a brass fabric grommet which can be purchased at any fabric and sewing supply store. Yo do not necessarily need the grommet tool to attach the grommet to the tin. I suspect that flat head pliers (without teeth) would do the job for pressing the two halves of the grommet together. Both rubber and foam will not hold up very long under normal fishing conditions (granted, you are using the tin for trolling instead of fast reeling) all the same, I think the brass grommet will last a lot longer. At some point, I would very much like to build your Altoid fishing device. Looks like a good one. I attached an image of what Grommets look like for those of you who do not know. (These are just an example...not meant to BE the exact ones. Peruse a fabric/sewing supply store and you will find what you are looking for. They come in handy for other things as well.)

    Very nice idea, but I think that you could have maybe reused an object as the spool instead of making it from scratch, and the hole in the side of the Altoids container should have some sort of rubber gasket to prevent the sharp edges from cutting the line. All in all, great idea!

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    I tried to use the original plastic cylinder that the line came on but it didn't work. I couldn't find anything else so I made one out of aluminum cans. Good idea for the rubber gasket, :)