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Intro: Fishino WiFi Module Firmware Update

In this tutorial I'll introduce you Fishino Board and I'll show you how to update the last WiFi module firmware.

Step 1: Fishino Board

Fishino Board is an Arduino based Board, designed by Massimo Del Fedele.

Here some specifications:

• Arduino form factor compatible
• Wi-Fi module on board
• Slot for microSD card
• Real time clock
• Open Source
• Designed in Italy

Step 2: Let's Connect It!

You need a microUSB - USB A cable to connect it.

To go forward in this tutorial you have to install its driver.
You can download it there.

Step 3: Blink Sketch

To update the firmware you have to upload a sketch which doesn't use a serial port, like blink sketch.

Select the properly COM port and select as board Arduino UNO.

Step 4: Wiring Up

What you need:

  • Fishino UNO board
  • 2 male-female jumpers
  • 1 female-female jumper
  • microUSB - USB A cable

Since I haven't male-female or female-female jumpers, I used a breadboard and other kind of cable...what's important is respecting connections. You can see them in the first photo!

Once finished, press reset button.

Step 5: Flash Firmware

Download here firmware flasher and unzip the file. Open it.

Select the right port, choose the last firmware release and press "Flash".

Wait for the completion.

Visit official site:

Visit my site for more:



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    5 Discussions


    4 months ago on Introduction

    Hi Sir, I want to learn to build my own Wi-Fi. Is it possible? If possible please coach me in doing it.


    2 years ago

    The WiFi module is an ESP8266. Can I upload my own programs to it or is it locked with the Fishino optimized software? I started a project with an ESP8266 module (Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266) and it's quite powerfully as soon as you get rid of the original AT command interface. I started using LUA on it, but it's full performance comes when you program it with the Arduino IDE.

    3 replies
    Lorenzo Daidonebeegee1962

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi beegee1962 and thanks for your comment.

    You can try to upload your optimized firmware, but latest Fishino sketches often require the last official firmware version, otherwise Arduino IDE will display an error message.

    Write me everytime you want!
    Best regards,

    P.S. I'm interested on your project! Let me know!

    beegee1962Lorenzo Daidone

    Reply 2 years ago

    I am planning to use the ESP8266 as a stand-alone controller in a security system for our front yard. But the project is still in testing phase and I do not have schematics ready. I attached the Fritzing breadboard. Once finished I will make an Instructable for it.

    But one project I have already finished uses the Arduino Yun, which in someway similar to the Fishino WiFi. I didn't write an Instructable for it yet, but the info is available on my website . It is a monitoring system for our solar panels. As the Arduino Yun is a little bit expensive I am looking for a cheaper replacement (in case I build more of these systems).