Fishtail Funloom




Introduction: Fishtail Funloom

Step 1: Start on the Board

-Start with the loom with the U-shaped pegs facing up and away from you.
-Place the first rubber band diagonally over the 1st and 2nd pins.
-Next,place the 2nd rubber band diagonally on the 2nd and 3rd pin.
-Place the 3rd rubber band diagonally on the 3rd and 4th pin.
-Continue all the way down the row making a zig-zag pattern.

Step 2: Second Step

-Take the loom and flip it over so that the U-shaped pegs are down toward you.
-Take your hook and go to the second pin.
-Grab the 2nd rubber band with the hook and loop it over the third pin.

Step 3: C Clasp

When you get to the end of the row take the c clasp and slide it onto the last band hooked.

Step 4: Take Off

Take it off of the pin and carefully zigzag back and fourth Down the row to remove the chain of rubber bands from the fun-loom.

Step 5: Done

Connect the other side of the c clasp to the last band to hold your bracelet together

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    6 years ago

    i made 1 before i was just tryin it. its nice!!!!!!