Fishtail Loom Band!

Introduction: Fishtail Loom Band!

Fishtail is one of the best loom band!

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Step 1: Thing You'll Need:

♡2 pencils/loom

Step 2: Getting Started!

♡Take any band and make an eight! Make sure to fit it properly on the pegs/pencils.

Step 3: Placing the Bands!

♡Take another band and without making an eight fit it on the peg/pencils.

Step 4: Looping!

♡Once you have placed the bands you will start looping.
♡To start looping the bands,grab the one side of the bottom band and pull it over the 2 bands that are above it. (leave it when you have taken it over the two bands leaving it into a sitting/hanging position.) Do the same with the other side too! :)

Step 5: More Looping!

♡Add one more band over the top band so they will get 3 .
♡Do the same step again.

Step 6: More and More Looping!

♡Loop it until it reaches the size of your waist!

Step 7: Done! :)

♡Take it out and hook it .
☆ Ta-da!! your fishtail loom band is ready.

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