Fishtail Rubberband Braclet

Introduction: Fishtail Rubberband Braclet

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need ...

40 rubber bands of any color you choose

Two pencils, your fingers, or a rainbow loom kit... (I recommend using pencils)

An s or c clip

Step 2: To Start...

Grab a rubber band of any color and twist it once, so it looks like an eight (8) or a bowtie

Step 3: Almost Ready

Put the eight (8) shaped rubber band on your fingers or pencils

Step 4: Adding to It

Add two more rubber bands to the pencils (WARNING) do not make the two bands look like eights!

Step 5: Working Your Way

Take the bottom rubber band, and bring it above the two other rubber bands.

Step 6: Keep Adding

Keep adding rubber bands and doing step 5 again till either you run out of rubber bands, or you feel like it looks big enough.

Step 7: A Few Minutes Later

Soon it should start to look like the picture Above

Step 8: Time to Clip!

Take the s or the c clip and attach it to the braclet

Step 9: One More Step!

Lastly clip your sides together

Step 10: All Done!

Now your done with your fishtail bracelet!

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    6 years ago

    my friends use there fingers but it hurts my fingers so I use pencils