Indoor Disc Fling

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is:

     circular object
     sticky notes
     pencil (or pen)

Step 2: Tracing, Cutting and Decorating the Disc

To make a disc, trace the circular object onto the cardboard.

Cut the cardboard out.

Decorate the cardboard with stickers.

*Note: Make one disc for each player.

Step 3: Course

On sticky notes, write the numbers 1-9. Use these notes to marke a course of nine "holes," or targets. (Keep your targets away from fragile objects.) You could use my way or have it seperated like a golf course.

Step 4: To Play

Choose a starting point to "tee off." Beginning there, players take turns flinging discs with their finger (it course is close)toward each hole, starting with the first hole. Record the number of tosses each player takes to reach each hole. The player with the fewest throws over the entire course wins.



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