Fit Guitar Strap End Pin Buttons and Gutar Style Strap to a Ukelele.



Introduction: Fit Guitar Strap End Pin Buttons and Gutar Style Strap to a Ukelele.

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This is how I made and fitted acoustic  guitar style straps on 2 of my Ukeleles.

After trying out a round the neck style string Ukelele strap but only to find it did nothing but scrape the sound hole and be a constant annoyance as it constantly slipped lower and lower. 

I decided to add strap pins to the Ukes and go for a home made strap along the lines of an acoustic guitar

First I e-Bayed a pair of guitar strap end pin buttons for £2.95 with free delivery enough to do both my Ukes.

To make the straps I used 2 100% polyester belts that came free with some combat pants I bought and some 3mm braided cord also made of polyester.  When cut with a hot blade the polyester self seals so the edges do on fray.

The straps where cut to 36" with about 24" of cord to attach the strap to the neck.

To fit the end pin buttons to the uke the center point of the rear seam was marked, a small hole was made using a awl or very fine drill to reduce the risk the screw will split the body of the uke.  The pin button is then screwed in place.  Its so simple to fit a strap button you wonder why they don't fit them as standard.

The whole operation takes about 10 -15 minutes and you have a nice solid strap that is much more comfortable than a neck strap.

I hope the Ukelele players find this of some use.

Thanks for looking.

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