Fitness/Workout Room From Thrift Stores




Introduction: Fitness Room From Thrift Stores

You can do this. You are more likely to work out if it is in an inviting room and you have a variety of things to do. Took awhile to find the stuff, but better than buying new. Probably saved 80% off retail.

Step 1: Shelves

I had these built into an alcove by a friend. Cost about $200 but you can skip this. Weights were $2-5 each at thrift store.

Step 2: Elastic Bands

From thrift store, $5 each

Step 3: Dry Erase Board

From thrift store, $5

Step 4: Bulletin Board

From thrift store, $5

Step 5: Workout DVDs

From thrift store, $2 each

Step 6: Mirror

From thrift store, $15

Step 7: Bob

From my brother, free

Get it at a thrift store

Step 8: Elliptical

Craigslist, $100

Step 9: Bosu Ball

Wallapop, $30

Step 10: Quick Ladder

From thrift store, $10

Step 11: Carpet Remnants

Free from carpet store we use

Step 12: Floor Tile

Sams Club, $20 for a pack of 8

Step 13: TV

$300 Walmart, the only new item other than shelves

Step 14: Done

It takes awhile to find all of this, but you don't need it all at the same time. Enjoy and get fit!

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    4 years ago

    thanks, are you getting your work out on?