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Introduction: Fitted Crib Sheets

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My mother showed me how to make these fitted crib sheets.

This sheet was made in less than an hour, and everything used was purchased from a thrift store for a total cost of

$4.25. Even at regular prices in a fabric store, this could be made for well under $10.00!

These directions should work for most standard crib mattresses.

Step 1: Materials

Materials required

  • Fabric, flannelette or cotton, cotton blend, 115cm X 175cm (45” X 69”)
  • Elastic, 4 pieces 30 cm each ( 10”)
  • Scissors, thread , pins, sewing machine, serger

Step 2:

Prewash and dry your fabric.

Cut a 20 cm square out of each corner. Fold ends together, and stitch from inside to ends.

Finish the edges with a narrow hem.

Step 3: Add Eleastic

Use a piece of elastic in each corner to create the fitted section. Start by matching the centre of the elastic with the corner seam, and stretch it out as far as you can, pinning it in place. Use a zig zag stitch to fasten it.

Presto, a fitted sheet!



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    Are you just mean or did no one ever teach you any manners? I am sorry if this is "not nice" but that question was highly insensitive and had nothing to do with sewing a crib sheet. Shame on you!

    1 reply

    so I'm insensitive for asking why the kids wearing a helmet, WOW, hope you get hit by a bus. .. oh I'm sorry was that incentive .....

    Thañks for these simple instructions. I may just make some in the future. Your son is very cute & God be with him.

    My son wears a plagiocephaly helmet, also known as a cranial remolding orthosis. He has to wear it 23 hours a day, even when sleeping.

    1 reply

    That was a lot easier than I imagined. Thanks for sharing!