Fitting Huge Amount of Plastic Bags in Least Space




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Fitting Huge amount of plastic bags in least space

This video demonstrates how to fit large amount of Plastic bags which occupy large amount of space, are seen as junk cz they look junky, into a small space and they look quite beautiful too. This is a big step in the 3R: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Here we reduce excess plastic productn and use on personal front, recycle and reuse old plastic bags too

Related video where it is demonstrated how the whole process is carried out:

Step 1: Conditioning

Take a plastic bag and place it on a hard surface like a table top or concrete with even surface or floor. Place the plastic bag and flatten it out with both hands so as to squeeze out of the plastic bag. this reduces the volume of the bag which then takes small space.

Step 2: Rolling

Now its time for rolling. Take the flattened plastic and place it on the table. With small width, start rolling the plastic in mini rectangular shapes along one direction of the plastic and roll it throughout the plastic. Take the rolled plastic and place it on an unrolled but flattened plastic bag. With the rolled plastic inside with ends of it protruding out slightly, the unrolled plastic bag is rolled throughout as described above.

Repeat the above process for all small plastic bags. Then apply pressure on them to squeaze out whatever air is trapped within the plastic bags.

Now take 2 big plastic bags.....Even 2 medium or small plastic bags will suffice. Take half of the small plastic bags and place it on a big plastic bag and then roll the big plastic bag throughout. If here big plastic is used, we have to bend the formation obtained into half the size, but if small plastic bag is used, it is not needed.

Repeat the above process with another half of small plastic bag and another big plastic bag.

Step 3: Final Touch

Keep the 2 new big plastic formations on opposite side of same edge of another big plastic bag. With these 2 inside, roll the 3rd big plastic bag throughout.

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    dragon flyer

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good lord, what a lot of work! And I can't see how you could access the smaller bags in the centre of the roll. I grab one bottom corner and twist around two fingers, which flattens and compresses in one motion. They might uncoil, but they won't re-inflate, and are easy to stash in any container that will keep them contained. I use a rectangular bucket under my sink with a cardboard lid with one handy good-sized hole cut in it...

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