Fitting the Flowerpot One Way Air Valve

Introduction: Fitting the Flowerpot One Way Air Valve

Cut wire two or three sections back, and pull the cut wire out of the plastic. this makes it easer to wrap the flexi pipe over the end of the connecting ring,made mine from the lid of the tin, but had to crease it to fit inside. I pushed the end of the flexi pipe through the ring and folded the end back before pushing into the pipe and held it in place with cloth tape. i also taped the pipe to the fan.
Make sure you en-line the hinge at the top top of the flap with the top of the fan or the flap will stay open.

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Step 1: Fixing the Fan

 Push the flei pipe through the wall and feed the cable through the fan, mark the fixing points, drill holes and fix with screws and plugs. 
this fan was double insulated so the earth wire was redundant, so the instructions said to wrap earth wire to a plastic tag.
the power for the fan was switched via the light pull switch through a fuse spur with a 5amp fuse.

Step 2: Cutting the Flexi Pipe

Outside the flexi i drilled a 103mm hole with a hole saw through the soffit board, this can also be done with a key hole saw or by drilling small holes tight together on the marked circle and use the side of the drill bit as a cutter to join them.
I then put my arm through the hole and pulled the flexi pipe through the hole until it was tight then cut with a trimming knife and cut the wire.  do the same this end cut the wire farther back and remove.   

Step 3: Attach the Vent Cover

To attach the vent cover pull the flexi pipe over the collar of the cover leaving 20mm of the collar exposed, fix with cloth tape.
push the remainder of the pipe and collar back through the soffit board and fix in place.
this cover had a removable grill and fly screen, the cover was a little bit big to fit on the sottit so i packed it level to the bottom of the fascia board with two 20mm x 20mm x 125mm blocks of wood and drilling and fixing through them.

Step 4: Finished Vent

A spot of paint and some sealant and its finished. 

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