Five Creative Wedding Favor Ideas




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I hope this video will inspire you in creating the perfect wedding favors. They are cute and affordable, easy to make, and you can add your personal touch to them.If you would go to a wedding ,which favor would you like to receive?

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    3 years ago

    Hi there :) If you want to get his 'ible featured (so you can get more views and thus more votes), please also include steps and photos of how each one is done (if you have them). The Instructables team will never feature an 'ible that is just a video. And I wanted to let you know because this is full of WONDERFUL ideas! Many blessings! Good luck in the contest!


    3 years ago

    Hi, What great ideas!! My favourite is the message in a bottle. Nothing says love like something homemade! One tiny critique for next time; it's really hard to see the instructions in writing when it's in white (like what you need to make the project, maybe next time you could do that in a dark colour? Thanks for inspiring me!