Five Halloween Skull DIYs




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Turn dollar store plastic skulls into chic Halloween decor!

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Step 1: Watch the Fun Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: Succulent (or Cactus Skull)

Step 3: Here's How

Cut a large hole in the top of your skull

Paint the entire skull white with Americana Decor Chalky Finish

When dry, coat it with Americana Decor Crème Wax

*Immediately wipe most of it away with a wet cloth

Protect it with Americana Decor Light Satin Varnish

Poke small holes in the bottom to allow drainage

Fill with potting soil and succulents or catcus

Step 4: Tattooed Skull

Step 5: Here's How

Print and cut butterflies and flowers

Cut small slits on the edges so that the images adhere flat to the curved surfaces

Using Americana Decou-page, apply the images to the skull until it's completely covered

Step 6: Coachella Skull

Add a little boho to your Halloween decor!

Step 7: Here's How

Cut and arrange faux flowers to create a headband

Starting in the center, glue it around the forehead of the skull

Add extra leaves and petals to fill it in

Step 8: Sugar Skull Vase

Step 9: Here's How

Cut a hole in the top of your plastic skull

Paint it black with Americana Acrylic paint

When dry, paint designs with white Americana Acrylic

Decorate with Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint (puff paint)

Fill with faux flowers

Step 10: Skull Candle Holder

Who doesn't need a skull on the dinner table?

Step 11: Here's How

Glue a small metal candle holder to the top of a plastic skull

*You can use a copper coupling piece for this from any hardware store

Paint the skull with black Americana Acrylic paint

Add a precision top to the top of the paint bottle

Drip the red paint from the top to create faux blood



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    3 years ago

    These are awesome! Which dollar store did u get them from?

    1 reply
    Mark MontanoVanessaH14

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Vanessa, I've seen them all over LA at almost every dollar store. I'm pretty sure you can get the same at a dollar tree.