Five Ideas for Upcycling Pringles Can




I don't know about you, but there's nothing that  goes better with a hot dog better than Pringles and a bottle of root beer. Ok, now on to the topic. What to do with the Pringles Can when it's empty.

Here's just a few ideas...

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Step 1: #1 Turn It Into a Vase for Dried Flowers

I really Like Dia de los Muertos. I've collected pieces over the years from all over. I wanted something to put my dried roses into that would work also in my collection. I thought of decorating an empty Pringles can that I was eating out of at the time. The ideas grew from there. You don't have to use a Pringles can, maybe your a tennis player & have empty canisters  from the tennis balls. The possiblities of repurposing something is limitless, so use your imagination. Today though, we are using a Pringles can

- Paint Pringles Can any colour you want.
- Allow to dry before applying each coat
- Use printed out pictures from the internet or paint free hand

*Nevermind the pumpkins, they are just background

Step 2: #2 Container for Mini/Small Christmas Ornaments

Have you recycled the plastic container those mini ornaments came in only to think about it after Christmas was over.
Use a pringles can! Make sure to stuff tissue paper or paper towels betweem each bulb to help prevent breakage. Feel free to paint the Pringles can 1st if you like. Or just label it XMAS ORNAMENTS...

Step 3: #3 Storage for Easter Eggs

I can never find that plastic bag that I bought the eggs in after Easter. I think my husband finds it and just puts it in the recycling. Anyways, instead of havin eggs taking up your junk drawer, falling out of that Misc. closet, store them in a pringles container, label and store away for next year!

Step 4: #4 Travel Container for Toys

I've got 3 kids and traveling on those LONG trips isn't always easy. Reaching into a bag to get out toys isn't safe either. Or I hear alot,  "I packed them in my suitcase, pu tthem in the very back or I thought I put them in my pocket'. Any of these sound familiar to you???  So now, each kids gets their own container filled with what they want to take.

Again, feel free to paint the containers or better yet, allow your kids to paint them.

Below are just some of the many things that have gone on our road trips. You'd be surprised just how many Pet Shops plus accessories can fit into a pringles can or Hot Wheels for that matter!

Step 5: #5 Storage for Stashing Left Over Yarn

One thing my husband hates, is when he finds bits of yarn around the house. By the computer from where I was making a pattern and writing it down on Ravelry. On the couch or in bed while I was watching tv, In his car while I sit passenger... Ok, you've got the point... Now I stash my yarn in containers and label them. They don't get knotted up all collecting in a huge bag and they don't take up alot of space since its a skinny cylinder. PLUS, I'm  givnig something a new life instead of throwing it in the landfill.
BTW, I recycle,compost & repurpose/Upcycle ALOT so I don't have alot of trash anyways

Step 6: The Possiblities Are ENDLESS...

Did you repurpose something? Let me know about it, send me a pic? I love to get new ideas and see others creative ingenuity

This photo came from the internet, I did not draw this. Just to be clear...

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    14 Discussions


    3 years ago

    i though of another way:

    you can use it as a money jar/container


    3 years ago

    They're actually good for keeping other types of chips in them. Lays, Tostitoes, etc.;
    gets rid of the noisy, crinkly bag.


    Reply 6 years ago on Step 4

    It would fit soo many legos, also a great idea for storing legos too. I find them everywhere in my house


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great ideas!!! I still have 2 old cans in my shed with roller blade wheels in them...

    :D Okay, here is what I have so far (there's more on the bac, but don't want to take a picture of it yet)! (:


    7 years ago on Step 5

    This is actually great since you can stuff the yarn together very tightly. Also your yarn will smell like pringles - Win!

    3 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 5

    LOL, I usually wash the can first. You can also cut a little whole in the top and use it that way to keep your yarn tanlged free & out of the way while you're working on the project

    that's a good idea with the yarn! (:

    And sure thing! I'm painting my favorite character from my favorite show on it (Adventure Time) and I just started tonigh. (: