Five Minute Presentations

Every Thursday the kids in house give presentations. They make just five minutes of speech on one topic. It  doesn't take much time for a busy mom to educate her kids a little and it teaches them plenty of valuable life skills. The objectives of this endeavor is to have the kids learn writing and planning skills, the ability to present well, and how to handle healthy criticism.

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Step 1: Prezzes in the Making

We have some ground rules. Your prez has to be on something that you learned this previous week. It has to be no longer or shorter than five minutes. You also need to have something to read off. If I didn't make that rule the kids could improvise. They are amazing improvisers, but I want them to learn to write and plan.

At first it took them all week to tune up their presentations. Now it takes only an hour or a half or less. They scribble notes as they brainstorm, then formulate it into an outline they can follow when they present. They practice their speeches, to make sure they can introduce their topic, give a sufficient body, then wrap it up nicely in the right quota of time.

Step 2: Presenting

At first the kids were pretty bad at this, but now a year and a half later they are pros. They barely glance at their papers. They bring visual aids. They maintain eye contact throughout the speech. They know to keep it interesting for their assorted audience (the other kids who present later and me), or they'll lose our attention.

Step 3: How Did I Do?

Afterwards, the kids get scored on a scale of one to five. Bonus points for the extra slides in their power-point, negative for stuttering. Here they learn to take healthy criticism and use it to improve. All in all, our little Thursday presentations are highly beneficial.

This is my second Instructable. how did I do?

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What do the points mean, e.g. do they get prizes?
    I'm a bit concerned that you address stuttering through a points system, you'd do better to coach your kids in speaking and if you need to give +points for that.
    I notice that you set a poor example by leaving errors in the text of this Instructable, you could re-read it and tidy up a bit.


    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    There is an even larger point system, in which the kids' points are added up. The kid with the most points is student of the week, and gets privileges throughout the week, like prime seats during the movies, or maybe a slice of cake after lunch.

    None of the kids have actual stuttering problems. When I said stuttering I meant repeating phrases due to lack of focus.

    You're right, I did set a poor grammatical example. I don't do much typing these days, but that's no excuse for my errors. Thanks for your constructive input!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the additional information, you could add that first paragraph to the Instructable to put it in that context.
    Happy Christmas.