Five Nights at Freddy's Theme Costume




Introduction: Five Nights at Freddy's Theme Costume

Well what can I say my kiddos love the Animatronics! So here is the brief tutorial on how I made their costume/s. I don't have a video of the step by step so I will just share the video I made recreating a Five Nights at Freddy's video game characters.

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Step 1: Glue Gun Is Your Friend.

In this tutorial I wouldn't elaborate the steps by steps on how I made this costume/s. I just hope you get the gist of how this costumes were made. It is like sculpting to tell you the truth. I don't have the exact measurements I only have an inspiration pictures printed to give me idea how I wanted every single costume to turn out. So I'll give you a brief tutorial how I made this costumes.

First I printed a picture Of Nightmare Bonnie, Toy Mangle and Balloon girl from the internet as a guide and inspiration.

Second ,since I don't want every part of the costume that I think isn't as important as the head of the costume , I scavenge a couple of consignment store for what I can use as the body suits of the characters that I'm making (you could say I up cycle, and I did this on a lot of body parts of the costume as well.I re-use whatever I scavenged around my house.)So I found a fantastic 4 costume for $6 (Nightmare Bonnie's ripped body suit), Furry Bunny costume for $8 (Toy Mangles body suit), and a pair of matching purplish blue sweat pants and shirt for $6 (Baloon Girls full body suit. It was a long sleeve one which was really good as I ended up using a piece of cloth that I cut from the sleeve to match the hat of Balloon girls.

Third, I bought 2 trick or treat buckets and a Jason mask ( the Jason mask I ended up not using but instead used the smiley face mask. I got all the Items from our local Walmart store.

Pretty much there you can refer on the pictures I posted how I carved the buckets and turn it to Bonnie and Mangle's head gear mask.

Here are the other materials I have used and purchase from the store. Eyes bought from the dollar store, the flickering light votive candles as well and fake eyelashes for Mangles eyes. I made the chest bows from the old satin fabrics that I have. Used Easter eggs for balloon girls cheek and a toy strawberry toy food cut in half (one is colored and used for Bonnie's nose as well. Used foam as fillers for the mask from an old foam matress. Buttons got it from my Mother-in-laws button collection. Fabric for the mask I got it at my local Walmart and Joann's fabric. I used some duck tape and bubble wrap to make Bonnie much bulkier.

The most important advise I could give in recreating this project is you need lots and lots of patience and glue gun sticks!


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    2 years ago

    I actually can't ma it cuz I don't have any tools


    anne marie laney
    anne marie laney

    3 years ago

    These are pretty impressive considering they are freaking treat buckets.. i would have never guessed that.. and they look expensively made. well done! My 7 yr old son LOVES five nights at freddy's and want's to be freddy next year. LOL. you've got my vote!