Five Ways to Deal With Stress. How to Relax...


Introduction: Five Ways to Deal With Stress. How to Relax...

About: HI I am Kathy and i am a club swimmer from Sedgefield 75 :) I love to create new things to share with you! :)

Hello, my lovely readers! Today's instructable is going to be all about how you can relax from stress/ anxiety.

Everybody can get stressed sometimes and it is not very nice and can bring you down. Stress is often common with work or school so it is important you know how to deal with it.

For more, please follow me and comment any suggestions on dealing with other things like stress.

So, let's get going!

Step 1: 1) Breathing Exercises

  • One of the easiest ways to deal with stress is breathing exercises. One of the ones I like to do, which my English teacher taught me, is the following:
  • 1- First lie down on your bed or on the floor where it is quiet where you can focus on your mind.
  • Close your eyes.
  • 2- Second, focus on your breathing: By this, you need to inhale as much air (slowly) filling your lungs and then exhaling gently so your lungs are empty. Keep repeating this.
  • 3- Whilst you are breathing, imagine you are on a beach (alone) and there is a gentle breeze.
  • 4- Imagine your breathing is the waves coming in and out towards you. When you inhale, this is the waves coming towards you and when you exhale the waves are retreating.
  • 5- Keep doing this for around 5-10 minutes or when you feel fully relaxed.
  • 6- After you have done this you should feel better and your head should be cleared.

Step 2: 2) Do Some Coloring In..

Another way that can actually help you relax is to colour in. It helps to focus your mind on something else rather than what you are stressing over. Even doing it for 10 min can help! I like to colour complex patterns like the ones above. Also, you could get colouring apps on your phone like:

Sandbox (only available for apple) Shown in image 1

Color Fly Shown in image 2

These apps are great for on the go!

You can download images from the internet or buy your own colouring book from everyday shops!

Step 3: 3) Do Something You Enjoy..

Doing something you really enjoy like a sport can help take your mind off things. I really enjoy swimming and because I go six times a week, i hardly get stressed as my mind is focused on something different. Another thing you could do is read a book you enjoy or go for a walk by yourself where you can clear your head.

Step 4: 5) Quotes

I often thing quotes can be quite handy when you're stressed because it helps you reflect your feeling into other contexts. Looking at quotes that show how you feel can help you know you're not alone. Or, on the other hand, you could look at quotes that are opposite to how you're feeling. So for example, if you are feeling stressed lookup quotes about being happy and this can help overcome your stress.

Above are some quotes I found that can help you from your stress.

Step 5: 4) Talk to Someone...

Talking to someone can also help massively. If you are struggling to cope with stress frequently you should tell someone. If it is to do with school speak to your teachers and explain your feelings and worry and they will help you go through it.If it is at work speak to colleagues or bosses and they will support you. Speak to an expert online or someone who is going through the same problem as yourself and you will realise you are one of many people who suffer from stress or anxiety.

Step 6: I Hope I Helped!

I hope reading this, this will help you overcome stress if you get it. Please comment below for any other instructables I can do and comment if I helped you or not!

Follow me for more instructables and favourite this!

Lots of love,

Kathy xxxx

p.s if you do suffer from stress just remember: " You will never have a day like today again so make it count."



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    Very helpful.
    Daily yoga or meditation helps a lot.