Fix a Bike Inner Tube With Two Common House Hold Products




Introduction: Fix a Bike Inner Tube With Two Common House Hold Products

This is the third time my bike inner tube broke and I was tired of buying new tubes,so I set out to find a way i could fix the tube without spending money on a new tube,or stickers,or goo.With deodorant and clear mailing tape you can be riding along soon enough.

Step 1: Take the Tire Off

Unlock the brakes, take off the chain*, and unbolt the wheel bolts

*Only for back tire.*

Step 2: Patch the Hole

For this step you will need deodorant and the clear mailing tape. first apply the deodorant then tape over it tightly.

Step 3: Pump It Up

Reattach The Wheel, Pump It Up,And Get Going



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    If the above does not work, you can take the remains of another inner tube that's busted and use it to patch up this one using rubber cement over the puncter area and using the rubber you cut from the old inner tube. After the cement has dried, inflate for testing. If the patch is coming loose and the ends, add more rubber cement while its inflated and apply pressure to hold it in place. If THAT doesn't work, super glue that thang!

    What's the deodorant for

    contact cement and a old bike tube


    2 years ago

    What type of deodorant did you use?

    i could have patched it, but instead my tube split down the middle. i wasnt even at 30 psi. i should have read the comments, or tried gum and leaves

    This didn't work. I tried it

    That doesn’t look like it works. Does it hold pressure? Why not just use a patch kit?

    I cant imagine this holding the 4Bar of pressure i put in my wheels...

    Another thing: The inner tube is flexible for a reason. It swells inside the tire as it is inflating. That clear tape is not flexible at all, so one of two things will happen. The tape will tear apart exposing the the puncture, or the tire will not swell in that area, which will cause an uneven ride.