Fix BMW Peeling Steering Wheel


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BMW cars have this issues with peeling off soft touch trip from the steering wheel and radio knobs.
I managed to remove this layer and replace it with black mat vinyl wrap that matches OEM finish of my cars interior.


  1. Remove drivers airbag. You need to punch the leather on sides of the steering wheel in order to press release mechanism.
  2. Remove 3 torx screws from behind of the steering wheel.
  3. Disconnect wiring if you have multifunction-steering wheel. You can also remove the buttons from the trim so you don't have to deal with the wiring.
  4. Remove chrome elements from the trim. There are 2 tori screws and 3 latches on each chrome element.
  5. Remove old soft-touch layer with solvent.
  6. Make sure that the surface is clean and smooth. It needs to be perfect if you want to apply vinyl wrap as all imperfections will be highly visible once the wrap is applied.
  7. Apply the vinyl wrap. Use heat gun to stretch the foil.
  8. Assemble everything back together with reverse order.



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