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Our in ground pool liner gets detached every winter in a few spots, and we struggled to figure out how to fix this issue. That is... till we saw some professionals do it. There are a few tricks that make getting the liner back "on track" much easier. Check out the video that provides the best overall instructions.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need

  1. a kettle (or other hot water pouring implement).
  2. a flat head screwdriver or stiff spatula
  3. some wooden shims (in my case shish kebob sticks)

Step 2: Instructions

Boil your water and unplug your kettle. Carefully pour the hot water on the outside of the liner: this makes the liner much more flexible and makes it possible to stretch it back into its original position.

Pull the liner so that the edge hooks on the edge of the track. If you are unable to pull it up, maybe you need more water or someone stronger.

With the screwdriver, push the top edge of the liner back past the top edging.

Push the wooden shims into the crack to ensure that the liner does not pop back out from the track. Some people shave off the shims and leave the tips there to ensure that the liner does not pop back out. This seems like a more long term solution.

Your pool liner may not be designed in the same manner, I hope you can figure it out based on the few tips I have provided here and in the video. Happy swimming!



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    Oh snap! My aunt and uncle had a detatched pool liner and they filled the whole pool in with dirt because they thought theyd have to replace the liner.

    3 replies

    Oh, it falls down every year? How about just once you have it up, holding it there with some galvanized concrete screws. I dont think you'd hardly notice them being there. You could always put the pool ladder over it. I dont know what the actual result of doing that would be. May be better just to tuck it back in every year.i

    Thanks for the ideas. I would not put screws in for fear of causing a weakness and having the liner tear (expensive replacement). I might leave some wedges in a few key spots this year.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Nice fix! My brother has a lined pool like yours. I'll have to keep this in mind if he ever faces the same issue. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comment. This is a great example of a fix that is FAR easier with a few tricks. You can bust a vein in your forehead trying to pull the liner up otherwise!