Fix HP X22 LED Monitor Smudges / Shadow / Clouding / Black Spots

Introduction: Fix HP X22 LED Monitor Smudges / Shadow / Clouding / Black Spots

How to remove dirt from the Light Guide Panel of an HP x22 LED screen.

Step 1: Remove Front Panel / Bezel

Start in the middle on the inside of the bezel and pull it gently outward with your fingers to unhinge the clips.

Step 2: Open the Backpanel of the LCD

  • Disconnect the LCD signal cable; press the metal latches on both sides while pulling the cable down.
  • Disconnect the flat cable that controls the LEDs; pull the blue tab upward gently shifting it left to right and back.
  • Remove 4 screws in the 4 corners of the backpanel
  • Peel back the covering of the circuit board.
  • Remove the front bezel holding the light guide panel in place.

Step 3: Clean the Light Guide Panel

I cleaned the acrylic glass light guide plate with dishwashing soap mixed with methylated spirits. I think meths can dissolve the reflective dots so this is not for the faint of heart. Afterwards I rinsed it off with hot water.

The cleaning reduced the smudges considerably but they are still visible.

There were also dirt / water stains behind the white reflection screen. Which is very sensitive to scratching.

Putting everything back together again dustfree can be difficult with tiny dust particles being attracted to the statically charged plastics. A silicone sticky roller to remove the dust might make things easier.

The display was manufactured May 2010 and I bought it from an online secondhand goods store.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Why would the internal parts behind the front screen layer get dirty? I would think there is more of a problem in scratching or wearing away the top "glass" or coating making it look like there are smudges.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The iMac has similar problems ( I think moisture gets trapped in between the many layers. The light guide plate from the HP x22 looks clean in daylight unless carefully inspected from up close and at the right angle. But push the panel against the LEDs and the dirt becomes visible.