How to Fix/replace a Mower Carburetor With Household Parts Under $10

Introduction: How to Fix/replace a Mower Carburetor With Household Parts Under $10

Time spent on project: less than an hour

Items used:

3 ft of tubing

coffee can lid

small fuel filter

(recommended you have quick disconnect compressed air fittings)

Step 1: Re-route the Fuel Lines

First pinch off the fuel line going to the carburetor with vice grip pliers if the tank is full so you can disconnect the fuel line cleanly. Make a use any mounting system you want to elevate the end of the fuel hose to a height where the hose will not leak. The fuel line will become the new air intake so you will need to put a filter on the end of the line. I recommend modifying a fuel line filter. Next remove the carburetor entirely, and cut a plate out of a coffee lid a size a bit larger than the carburetor gasket. Drill 2 holes according to the dimensions of the carburetor ails using the gasket as a template. Next drill a hole for that you can push the hose you will be using through. Use the same size drill bit to drill a hole of the same size on the top of the gas container lid (remove the lid first). Use caulking to seal the lines.

Step 2: Tubing Management

In order to firmly hold the coffee lid to the intake, use the carburetor as a spacer. Cut a half inch strip of 2 inch length and use self tapping screws to hold the tube down.

Step 3: Running Mower Again!

Starting the mower will take quite a few pulls to pull gasoline fumes to the cylinder, but after you have the fumes in the line, stopping and starting the mower should only take one or two pulls.

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