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This instructable may be a bit silly, but as for me, ive thrown about 10-15 of these pencil torches away (common cheap blue one) because I couldn't find a solution to this simple problem that I recently just figured out! This will fix the flame when it is shooting out of weird directions or coming out in the way of a flame instead of torch


Step 1: Unscrew Tip

Blow lightly both ways inside the torch tip but be careful when you are blowing the opposite direction of the way that the fuel comes out because there is A valve stem thing that can be blown out of place. if thats the case just poke it back into place and it will be fine. As I did so myself lol

Step 2: Screw On, Fill Up, Fire Up!

A torch fill should take no longer than 10-15 seconds. The fill action depends on differential pressure between torch & fuel can, & this is highly dependant on temperature. To get a maximum fill, put the torch in the fridge for 10 minutes before filling. Warm the fuel can with your hands, or by putting it in your pocket for a while. This way, you will get a maximum fill every time. Filling a warm torch will lead to a poor fill. Another tip: Before filling, press the fill valve in the torch & release a short squirt of gas. This will blow any crap in the fill stem away, & prevent it from being blown into the torch. Doing this every time leads to a much longer torch life.



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    10 Discussions


    Question 8 months ago

    I blew out the valve stem it's gone can I still use the torch?

    1 answer

    8 days ago

    I blew my stem out how do I make it work


    1 year ago

    I recently bought two pencil torches and followed your instructions. I lit the torches and they both have a flame like a lighter than like a torch. What needs to be done in order to fix this issue. If anything.


    1 year ago

    Hi. If you want the torch to stay unblocked and work properly for a long time do this when it's new. Unscrew the top nozzle, it's locktited on so if it's stubborn heat the nozzle with a cigarette lighter to soften the locktite and then turn anticlockwise to remove. Get a piece of multistrand electric wire and strip off the insulation to leave bare straight multiwire. Cut off a 25mm length and push this into the gas feeder tube (the tube below where you screwed off the nozzle). Get as many strands in as you can and push them down and then remove any wire protruding out the top. screw the nozzle back on and viola a torch that doesn't clog everytime you use it. the wire filters out any crap and ensures the gas is not liquid when it enters the minute oriface. Mine has not clogged since.


    2 years ago

    Hi. What is the stem that is inside the head?

    It seems I missed the stem. My pen torch flame does not emit jet, it is a flame like a torch.


    3 years ago

    thanx it works now , easy when u know how


    Reply 4 years ago

    much appreciated, thanks!