Fix Solar Garden Lamps

Introduction: Fix Solar Garden Lamps

In this video I will show you how to fix those expensive solar garden lamps. Usually the winter is harsh on them and this is a cheap fix to get that extra season out of them.



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    I wish I had seen this video 3 months ago when I threw my old solar powered lighting fixtures away after the harsh winter made them stop working. I had no idea it was that easy of a fix. Good to know for next time I guess.

    anyone else having trouble getting this video to work?

    I wish I'd see these thrown away. I'm always on the lookout for solar charging circuits. I want to put completely solar powered lighting in my daughter's playhouse, but am unwilling to buy new parts. If you have any used solar lights, send them this way.

    Better yet, charge the new battery before replacing the old one. This way if everything else is ok (connections, bulb, etc.) then the light should work as soon as the battery is replaced. If not then you know you have not fixed the problem.