Fix Worn Running Shoes With Glue.




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Hi Guys! Are you tired of your shoes wearing out after 5 months? Well, maybe you should superglue them like I did. Theres a few points to note here but honestly its very easy and will keep you pounding the pavement for a while longer. At least until its time to give in and buy another pair of overpriced running shoes.

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Step 1: Things You Need.


1. Superglue
2. Old socks (preferably similar colour to the shoe)
3. Scissors for sock cutting
4. Gloves and cardboard pieces (for safety)
5. Craftiness and a can do attitude.

Step 2: Lets Get It On.

Okay so you're going to want to size the sock material to each of the shoe holes. For the top of the shoe (where my big toe broke through) cut a circle of cloth and using cardboard as a safety backing hold against the hole and apply glue. Once glue is applied then quickly apply pressure from both sides. The things to note here are that when gluing cloth you have to make sure its done with the material already in place. It soaks up and hardens up quickly. Also be careful because when glue hardens that can be uncomfortable in a shoe situation. For this reason adding pressure both sides makes a nice smooth finish. Please be careful with glue - I could feel the heat of it right through the cloth, gloves, and cardboard.

For the other holes, for instance the heal of the shoe, it requires extra padding so a strip of sock was cut, and rolled into a suitable size. Once I had it packed tightly together and snug, it was very simples to hold it in place and glue it there. Again, it may be potentially uncomfortable if it hardens too much on the front so please exercise a degree of craftiness.
The shoe insoles had crater like holes also which couldn't be fixed with a single sock strip. I cut two layers to add better cushioning and give extra protection.

Step 3: The End Result

And there you have it - a way to get another few months out of a pair of shoes. I dont think they look so bad and they feel absolutely fine. Also I glued up a pair of cons that were breaking too.

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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Interesting fix; I'll have to try it sometime. :)

    I have rearranged the photos to show before and after as clearly as I can in this instance. Its not a seamless repair - its more for practical purposes. This is my first instructable so please be nice and if theres any ideas on how to make it a better repair that would be great to hear.

    Sorry, I was trying to be nice. I guess it was hard for me to see the repair, maybe it's my monitor. Anyway, thank you for sharing!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Again, that is totally not my intent. I think it's really great that The Quantum Wizard shared his fix, and I'm grateful to know this now.

    cenacheThe Quantum Wizard

    Reply 3 years ago

    That's pretty cool. Sometimes you only need things to be functional, not necessarily good looking. One suggestion is to use a glue that doesn't become so stiff, if the repair comes in contact with your skin. Silicone is pretty soft and flexible even after it hardens.

    The Quantum Wizardcenache

    Reply 3 years ago

    Nice suggestion cenache! Think I'll experiment with this on my next fix.


    3 years ago

    Top tips, thank you :). Helped me save a bit of money rather than shelling out for a new pair for the time being!