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Hai friends,

I was looking for an idea to fix my broken earphone jack. When my favourite skullcandy got the same problem of breaking the neck of its jack, I got a cool idea with the hot glue gun. And finally i did fix all my earphones using this simple trick. I am glad to share you all this. Try this and bring your dead earphones/headphones back into life.

Step 1: Let Us Start.....!

The very first step is making a mold for the jack.

  • We use plaster of Paris to make the mold.
  • Then we do re-solder the broken wires.
  • Finally, we apply the hot glue to the jack after fixing it inside the mold.

Step 2: Make the Mold

Steps involved in making the mold are

  • Mix the plaster of Paris with water and put the mix into a small container.
  • Press the earphone jack onto the plaster of Paris bed before it dries.
  • Keep this for some minutes, let it dry.
  • After drying, take out the jack and you can see negative of the jack in the plaster of Paris block.
  • Take the plaster of Paris block out of the container.
  • Now one half of the mold is ready(upper/lower), Repeat all the above steps to make the other half.
  • Do some final finishing works on the two halves of the molds using a small knife and files to make their surfaces smooth.
  • Put a small hole on either of the halves, for the application of hot glue through it.

Step 3: Mold Is Ready...!

Step 4: Know the Connections.

To fix the wires inside, we should know all the pin connections, for that we have to remove the wires and the plastics from the jack.

There are four connections on the jack,

  1. Common.
  2. MIC.
  3. The left speaker.
  4. The right speaker.

Step 5: Fix the Broken Wire.

Step 6: The Hot Glue Molding

  • Place the earphone jack and the wires in the mold.
  • Close the mold carefully.
  • Hold both the halves tightly together with the fixed jack inside.
  • Take the hot glue gun and apply the hot glue through the hole we made.
  • After applying enough glue, keep the mold to dry.
  • After a minute, take the halves apart and take out the newly molded earphone jack.

Step 7: We Did It...!

After molding , cut off the part glue of the molding hole, do some finishing works using a knife.

I have fixed four of my broken/damaged earphones using this trick.

Try this if you liked.

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    13 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Nice idea. Might try it on my grandson's broken earbuds. (Actually, the correct spelling is mold--at least in the USA.)


    2 years ago

    any tips on soldering those small wires? my lead wont stick to it

    1 reply

    The wires inside every earphone are coated with thin insulating plastic coating.

    So, before soldering you have to remove the insulator coating from the wires

    Do it using

    1. a knife

    smoothly remove the insulating coating using a small knife.

    2. soldering iron.

    Rest your soldering iron on the wire tip for 5 to 10 seconds and the plastic insulation will be removed away with hot soldering iron tip.

    Now you can fix your solder easily.

    Its a work that needs attention.

    Happy to help you :)


    2 years ago

    Absolutely AWESOME !

    great use of ingenuity with readily/easily available items, big fan of mold-making for parts needing replacement that are beyond repair !

    i did a similar version for RC car parts although your way is much easier lol :)

    1 reply