Fix Your Broken USB With Sugru




Introduction: Fix Your Broken USB With Sugru

I'm sure I'm not alone in having this problem: the USB that you've been carrying around for the past eight years, which has all your files (even the ones you've forgotten about), is now in pieces. Well, two pieces to be exact. The actual SD card has slipped out of the metal casing that allows it to be plugged into the USB drive. To other people, it might just be pieces of plastic and metal to be callously tossed away, but to you it's a functional USB that just needs a bit of Sugru magic. Not to mention, you and the USB go way back. There are memories.

Step 1: Isolate the Problem(s)

The problem here was that the USB was too short, making it difficult to plug and unplug into the computer. The second problem was that it came apart in 2 pieces (exhibit A: SD card, exhibit B: metal casing). The third problem was that it didn't match this awesome Bruce Lee Mimobot USB drive that I got for my birthday.

Step 2: Get Your Sugru!

Get a pack of Sugru in the color of your choice. Although the multi-pack only contains red, yellow, blue, black, and white, you can create the full spectrum of colors from mixing and matching. Please refer to the attached color spectrum chart to create the perfect hue for your USB. I wanted mine to be yellow to match my Bruce Lee Mimobot USB (yes, I'm that "matchy match" type.)

Step 3: Mold Sugru Around USB and Let It Set Overnight

I didn't feel like doing anything that fancy so I just molded it into a simple rectangular shape. (Timeless and classic, you know?) Let the Sugru set overnight and now, I have a beautiful, function, and loyal USB who will serve me for many more years.



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    I actually purposely "broke" mine, well took it apart. With just the microchip and metal piece I took shrink tubing and some thick hockey lace and made a good, slim keychain out of it

    Every time I see an 'ible with Sugru my want increases, I should probably enter something in the university contest to try and get a pack. (:

    By the way, you're clearly using outdated Sugru color chart, because that light yellow is not 90% yellow/10% white, but the other way around (that's already fixed on the Sugru site).

    1 reply

    Yeah that's just a stock photo from the internet. I actually referenced the color chart from the multi-pack. Just didn't take a photo of it before throwing away the packaging. I think the Sugru is a bit expensive for the average person but it's worth it just to fix all the little pet peeves you have around the house or office.

    true tech geeks only worry if it works.

    Thanks. It's nothing fancy but I feel people need to see how simple these fixes can be instead of throwing away something that is broken.