Fix Your Broken Ethernet Plug (using Zip Tie)




Introduction: Fix Your Broken Ethernet Plug (using Zip Tie)

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Fix your broken Ethernet plug using zip ties. What ?? Yes !

Today there are always some Ethernet cables around with a broken plug.

You won't buy a new cable ?? Take a zip tie and fix it.


Watch my video tutorial here on Youtube

Fix a broken ethernet plug (using zip tie)


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Step 1: Lost Plug

Everybody knows this problem:

You lost your Ethernet plug...and the cable slipping out constantly....???

Step 2: Zip Tie

Take a zip tie and cut it off (as you can see at the pics) .

It doesn't need to be a certain length....about 1-2 inches....

Step 3: Head

....then halve the head (of the height....)

Step 4: Plug In

...just put the zip tie on the plug and plug it in together....

Step 5: Ready

...ready !

To release the plug, push down the zip tie.

Pretty cool, huh ??? :-D



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    22 Discussions

    Whoa! Good one! It's planned obsolescence thwarted! I'm sure the clip ends were designed for continuous purchases of wires / cables!

    Many thanks, you just saved me time I cannot put a price on and tons of aggravation.

    1 reply

    I have sooo many broken Ethernet cables! I need to try this. Voted!

    1 reply

    great temporary idea. but i highly recommend buying the tool for replacing the tip:))

    1 reply

    Just think, how many zip ties you could buy for the same money... :-D


    2 years ago

    Great tip, I've always hated clipless cables and now have a solution.

    1 reply

    ...nice that I could help you :-D