Fix a DEAD Raspberry Pi..!

Introduction: Fix a DEAD Raspberry Pi..!

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Hi guys,

While doing a project based on raspberry pi i just overvoltaged it and got damaged. And now i figured out a way to fix dead pi's damaged by excessive power supply. In my case it's a pi 3 model b, If you like this please vote me for micro controller contest

Step 1: Gather Materials..

  • Raspberrypi (which ahve to be fixed)
  • Arduino Uno
  • Sorldering machine
  • etc

Step 2: Issue..

The reason why my pi damaged was giving power from both GPIO pins and usb connector.

Step 3: Precaution..

The diode BUZG550 is the one we have to replace to make pi working so we have to replace it with SMBJ.A0 or M7 seen in Arduino. Both are ideal solution to make it working. Please do not damage the board while working on this fix.

Step 4: Applied Fix!

Step 5: Conclusion

This fix helped me a lot and saved my money and time, I think tho post this instructables because this would help someone i think. If it helps please share and like this instructables




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    Thank you! I run a lab and have thrown out several PIs. I will have to keeep this for future use.

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