Fix a Fan. Can't Be Fanless in Florida!! Specially After Hurricane Irma.




Introduction: Fix a Fan. Can't Be Fanless in Florida!! Specially After Hurricane Irma.

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Well, we are going to be fixing this powerful fan that I use in my bedroom as the ac unit in the 2nd floor of this house is not very efficient particularly in this room. This fan is powerful and amazing enough to keep me cool during the hot summers in Fl.

What happen to it? I'll tell you... When it stopped working it was making an screech like noise and it would get stuck a lot. Then, I took it outside to repair it. But, It Was left outside during hurricane Irma evacuations in florida (I completely forgot -_-) . It did pick up rust from the rain and it was beat down by the strong 165mph winds of Hurricane Irma. When I came back home I found on this condition and to make things worst we had no electric till like a week after.

Step 1: Let's Assesses the Damage

Lots of rust, lots of dirt, lots of collected dust, keep getting stuck and it won't start spinning on its own, keep making a screeching sound and the fan would vibrate when it start spinning.

Step 2: Let's Take It Apart!!

Let's start by removing the blade and motor. There is one screw holding the blade to the shafts. Once remove you can easily dismount the blade (fan) from the motor. Once that's done let's take off the screws holding the motor to the back frame. And also remove the screws holding the speed controller so you can remove the motor of the Frame.

Step 3: Let's the Tent the Motor and Fan Blades.

** missing pictures**. I Was doing this tutorial after Irma literally two day after. Without electric I had to conserve energy and did not take pictures of the shafts clean up and greasing process.

I found out the reason why the fan would vibrate. It was due to the blades getting slightly bended after being exposed to the hurricane and the damage it took. It was An easy fix!! Using my hands I will then bend the blades back to their the original position.

I took apart the motor to find out why it was making that screeching sound and getting stuck. When I took the cap off the motor I realized there was almost no grease at all and that the shaft was push outward. Since I was working on it after hurricane Irma I have to improvised. I used bicycle grease and put it down the shaft and bottom chamber it were center spins.

After, putting the motor back together and back on the frame. I used the generator (no electricity yet) to turn it back on and test it. And, wallah!!! No screeching sound and it will start on its own. But the blades needed a little bend re-adjustment to stopped vibrating. Using my hands again I slightly bend them a little bit more and wallah!!. It worked like a charm.

Step 4: Time to Clean the Frame and Give Some Life to It.

Using a wire brush and some elbow grease. I started removing the dirt, dust and rust to prep for paint. After cleaning, brushing and elbowing the hell out of the Frame It was ready for painting!!!

Step 5: It's Time to Picaso!!

I used a spray can of blue paint that is used for metal work. I generously sprayed around and paint all over the frame. I'm not an expert but I love the result.

Step 6: Time to Put It Back Together

So, after letting the paint dried I started mounting the motor back to the frame and the same with the speed controller. Test it one more time and it work like a charm. I been using it for about a week now. And, it has been working really efficiently. I'm super glad because I really love this fan and my ac was damage during the hurricane.

Step 7: Hurricane Irma. Please Vote for the Contest!!

Hurricane Irma took the life of lots of people. I live in south Florida and We took a huge part of the storm. But, the Southern islands took the worst part of it. I thank God that my family and I are all ok and that the only damage we had was property damage like roof damage, the garage was total and all the trees and fence were blown away. Please, don't forget to vote for me on the repair contest. I could use the tools price to work around my house and helps my neighbors with theirs. Thank you and stay safe people. We might be living the apocalypse!!



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    I have a fan just like it.

    It is double the power of a fan DOUBLE it's size.

    ..and I go through the screeching every summer cause I use it in the yard etc.... I pound it... use wd40 ..... jiggle cord every year

    2 replies

    do not use wd 40 try some grease or bycicle grease no more problems trust me. just open the fan case and spread it around lightly and screech is done.

    usually those shaded pole motors utilize bronze bearings. when they wear out, most people toss the appliance since it's a lot of trouble to source new parts.

    1 reply

    I thought that was going to be the case. yet, they stop giving me the issue. I just needed some love. thank you for commenting :) Making a touch sensor module variable power supply 0-15v.