Fix a Key in 1 Minute

Introduction: Fix a Key in 1 Minute

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I have no idea why a car worth thousands of dollars relies on a key with the cheapest piece of plastic to keep it on your key ring??? Well don't worry, with this fix you will have a better, stronger and permanent solution. Well at least I hope so.


1 broken key

1 metal ring from some old broken key ring

1 propane torch

1 pliers

Once you have all your parts and tools gathered you're ready to go.

Step 1: Heat the Ring Up

Make sure you do this outside your house as melting plastic is very stinky and could be toxic.

Using the pliers pickup the metal ring and position the split so it can be heated up. Take the metal ring and place it in the flame from the propane torch. The tip of the bright blue flame is the hottest spot. Heat it until the edge of the ring is bright red, glowing hot. You're ready for the final step.

Step 2: Finishing the Fix

Push the heated ring into the spot where the plastic ring broke off. The hot ring will melt the plastic and sink into the key fob. Press hard and careful making sure it really sinks in there. Then heat up the end of the pliers, they don't need to be red and glowing, but hot. Use the tip of the pliers to smooth down the plastic inside the ring to cover over the metal. Let cool.

Tah Dah!!!! You now have a fixed key that won't come off your key ring anytime soon.

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    2 years ago

    good job. How is it holding up?


    4 years ago

    my wife key broke in the same exact spot.

    I ordered a
    replacement key blank for $4 off amazon, (they even come in different colors ) and had a
    local locksmith cut it. You can replace the guts of the key into the
    new key yourself and you don't have to get it programmed/coded to your