Fix a Torn Pocket Edge in a Stylish Way




Introduction: Fix a Torn Pocket Edge in a Stylish Way

About: I am a Pharm-D student and DIY is my hobby. I like to experiment with electronics, reusing/upcycling things etc.

Few days ago, I noticed that my leather jacket was torn at the edge of side pocket  due to continuous use. I decided to repair it instead of throwing it away. Finally I reached a solution that was not only easy but gave a new, more stylish look to my jacket!
I repaired my leather jacket but this process can be used for any kind of jacket.
Materials Required:
1- A small rivet (I got mine from a cobbler)
2- A similar piece of leather/fabric. But you can use different or even contrast colour for a different style. I did'nt have similar leather piece. But I had a valvet piece of same color so I used it instead of leather.
3- A strong fabric glue. I used multi-purpose "Samad Bond" glue. But  you can use any glue suitable for leather/fabric.

Tools Required:
1- A hammer
2- A plier
3- And a nail (To make hole for the rivet)

Step 1: Stick Em

1- First stick edge of pocket to normal/healthy surface with adhesive, just slightly away from hole created by tearing of leather.
2- Now cut a small stripe of fabric to cover the whole site. Apply adhesive to the back side of fabric. Now you have created a customized adhesive tape.
3- Now simply stick this fabric stripe to cover the whole area. Take care to hide completely the wrinkles created by step 1.

Step 2: Riveting

Now make a small washer with leather or realtively thick cloth to be used on inner surface of jacket.
Finally make a small hole at the edge of pocket with nail and hammer and fix rivet as shown in picture

Step 3: Shift the Balance!

This step is optional
Repeat the same process for other side pocket. It gives strength to it and also converts your mending work into a style feature!

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