Fix a Usb Hub Without Tools or Marks

Introduction: Fix a Usb Hub Without Tools or Marks

For my first Instructable I chose something easy, fix a usb hub to the wood without tools or scratches.

Before continuing please excuse any grammatical errors, I do not have many chances to speak English in everyday life.

It is a removable fixing without traces like screw holes or remnants of glue, because you never know when you will need to change the use of furniture.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

  • Usb hub ;-)
  • Sticker (bigger than the hub)
  • Instant glue

Step 2: #1 Measure

Connect all the cables to the hub and check the place where you want

Step 3: #2 Disarms the Hub (optional)

Disarms the hub.
I made it to work more comfortably after but it's totally optional. In my case i didn't need tools, I did it with the hands

Step 4: #3 Place the Sticker

Place the sticker where you measure before, and yes i got Ubuntu stickers.

Step 5: #4 Apply the Glue

take the rear part of the hub and apply the instant glue, two drops are sufficient but it will var depending of the form of your hub.

Take care:

The instant glue could be hazardous substance, don't put closer to the eyes, mouth or nose.
Also is an is an electrical insulator, the cause of why i disarmed hub. I attempt to prevent the failure of the metallic pins.

Step 6: #5 Place the Hub

Place the rear part of the hub on the sticker, do it very carefully not going to get the glue off the sticker.

Also take care for your fingers, you may finish sticked.

Step 7: #6 Join the Hub (optional)

If you followed the second step, now is the time to revert that. You have to join the parts of your hub.

Step 8: #7 Wiring

Put all the wires in their places and enjoy with your non annoying usb hub

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, that works well, but you have to choose one of good quality, low-quality tapes slide down and attract dirt as well.