Fix a Detached Pedal Cover on Brabantia Pedal Bin

A common failure of these excellent dustbins/trashcans is that the foot pedal's plastic cover snaps off. This instructable will show you how you can fix the cover in just a few minutes - and it will be stronger than new!

You'll need:
2-part epoxy glue e.g. Araldite.
Methylated spirits or white spirit or sandpaper.
An elastic band or some bicycle inner tube.

Step 1: Clean Parts and Prepare Adhesive

Turn the pedal cap upside down and identify where the plastic has snapped off. If your pedal cap looks like this the job is easy. Use alcohol or other solvent to clean the four circular sections and the corresponding snapped remnants on the metal pedal - or lightly abrade with sandpaper. Do no remove the plastic peg remnants on bin pedal - the glue will need to adhere to these!
Mix up a teaspoonful of 2-part adhesive and place equal portions into the 4 plastic circular sections.

Step 2: Wait for Glue to Set

Now turn the entire dustbin upside down. Before the adhesive has time to set, keep the plastic cover upside down and place it in its final position on the bin. Secure with elastic band until adhesive is set.
Job done!

If you try this instructable, you are very welcome to 'Add Comment' about how you got on and how to improve these instructions. Thanks. Dom.




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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Right, thanks, I'll be looking out for that dihydrogen monixide and going nowhere near it! :) dom


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I use any generic 2-part epoxy adhesive - not just Araldite. And I find that vinegar is excellent for cleaning up epoxy. Acetone is effective for cleaning but when you breathe it in it feels like it's dissolving a lot of brain cells!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Acetone is OK, IPA is nicer though. The solvents you don't want to breath are halogenated-hydrocarbons (like dichloromethane in paint strippers), aromatics (like styrene-based resins, cellulose-thinners, Evo-Stick), alkanes (butane, white-spirit), oh and dihydrogen monixide - lethal.

    To be serious, I find Wilco' 2-part is pretty good, but I don't ask much of it.