Fix an Axe & Make an Axe Handle




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So Paul has his stack of chopped wood
& he's doing another, & I go 'that's not how you do it,'
& after my first swing - of course you know, I broke it... Ya it was a total fail that'll live in infamy & make sure you work on a flat surface... Despite the OMGosh factor you broke your axe, fixing it wasn't that bad.
& then three days later I'm driving & WOW was that an axe on the road?!?!? Naturally being a good citizen I stopped & removed it before anyone else could drive over it!

Just replacing the Handle
First cut the axe off the handle right under the head, the head of the axe should fairly easily slip off along with it's splitter
Next put the axe handle in the head & hammer the splitter down.

So I go into Lowes to buy a (cheap) handle for the axe I found on the road... (9.99 are you out of your mind!!!!!) & decided to make my own.
Start by tracing or drawing the outline, cut out what you can with a circular saw & finish the rest with a jigsaw (or equivalant).

Doing cove cutting by a table saw would be my prefered method, however I didn't feel like getting mine out so I measured the width & sides of the head & cut those lines using a circular saw followed by shaving with a chisel. You can also use a sander to make it pretty & round, but the chisel will shave off alot fast! Back to the handle, use a router to round it off all the edges followed by an orbital sander works best, but having a pretty axe isn't a big concern of mine, I have other projects that I like to show off -so I proceeded by using the sander that was out & file, instead of getting another tool out.
Hammer in the wedge to finish, then go out & split some wood!!!!
(Or go to bed like I did... LOL)

***My neighbor Paul has Bear Claws, so I left it the width of a 2x4 for him, other wise I would've made it skinnier for my hands by running it through the table saw to take off a layer. Or if you don't have one just use the sander until it's the width you want. I think the project is pretty straight forward...



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