Fix an IR Remotes Unresponsive Buttons

Introduction: Fix an IR Remotes Unresponsive Buttons

The kids remote for their DISH was not working. I cracked it open thinking they had just spilled something into it. I cleaned the PC board with denatured alcohol and reassembled it - no fix.

I then read that the little black bumps on rubber part were coated with a conductive substance and thru the years this will wear off.

I rounded up my supplies:

Aluminum foil
'Super Glue' gel of some type (cyanoacrylate)
Hobby Knife (For picking up dots)
Hole Punch (Not shown, for making dots)
Denatured Alcohol (For cleaning the rubber and PC board)
Paper Towels (Not shown)
Scissors (Didn't use)

It's very simple ....

Open your remote,
Clean the black pads and the PC board with the alcohol,
Punch a bunch of dots from the foil with the hole punch,
Put some glue on the black pad and place the foil down DULL SIDE DOWN!
Press and hold for 10 - 15 seconds and move on to the next.

Enjoy a non-frustrating remote!

Step 1: Prep

Round up your supplies.

Crack open your remote, not gonna explain that part.

Clean the little black pads on the rubber membrane and the PC board with Denatured Alcohol and paper towels.

Step 2: Foil Dots

Use the hole punch that I forgot to photo to punch out some dots to glue to the little black pads.

Step 3: Gule Dots

Apply some glue to the little black pads - SPARINGLY - as less is more with super glue (cyanoacrylate).

Place one of the foul dots on the pad - DULL SIDE TO THE GLUE - and hold for 10 -15 seconds.

Step 4: Re-Assemble Remote

Re-Assemble the remote and enjoy!

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    2 Discussions

    ultra magnus
    ultra magnus

    6 years ago on Introduction

    this is perfect. i followed your instructions and fixed my remote that had been broken for 12 years. now i don't have to get up to change the radio station anymore.

    i used wood glue instead of the stuff you mentioned and scissors to cut out the aluminum foil and it worked great.


    I fix a lot of things, I'm actually kinda "known" for being able to fix things. But I NEVER knew that those contact pads had a conductive substance on them when new. Makes since, but I had just never read that anywhere. I guess I figured the whole thing was conductive. I too have cleaned and cleaned remotes with little or no improvement, but now I know why. Thanks for that info, and for this idea. I'm going to crack open a couple of pesky remotes when I get home this evening, and I have no doubt this will just further increase my reputation as the world's greatest "fixer"! Thanks again! (And I promise to give credit where credit is due!)