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I broke my skullcandies again... 

This is the technique I have used on both sides, they're old hesh ones and though there's that lifetime warranty I like them this way more, like my ripped jeans and my falling apart bag...

This repair lasts indefinitely and it's tough, or perfect for a quick fix. It also saves the cables snapping before you fix them properly. 

Step 1: You'll Need

 - Tape
 - An old card, I used a Game card
 - Scissors
 - About two minutes

Step 2: Set the Bone Doc!

Set the headphones in to the original position, pretty easy on these because of the way the break. 

Step 3: Cut the Card

Cut the card in to four pieces

Step 4: First Splint

Cut a piece of tape and stick the first piece of the card to it. 

Use it as a splint, the key is wrapping the tape really tight. 

Step 5: Repeat.

Add splints, remembering to wrap the tape tight. 

Step 6: Now Be Funny.

One side says "It's designer tape I swear ;-o" 

This is parcel tape chic this time.

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    I like how you said "again". My SK Ti's have broken about 9 times now, I'm surprised i haven't killed the wires yet.

    2 replies

    Aye, though the little extenders in the Hesh are way too fragile... This fix has been working for months now... I was pretty lucky with wires but they seem to be less crappy in Sk's for some reason...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I forgot to mention one of the sides of my skulls candies have broke.... But itsseems to be a wire problem.Can you fix that at all?

    3 replies

    Actually they have a lifetime warranty, just find the appropriate address etc. for skull candy repairs, it'll be free but maybe have to pay shipping...


    i did this quite a while back with mine (same exact headphones lol) only i used black duct tape on one side and neon green on the other. you are right, it will last for a while when repaired this way!

    1 reply