Fix Cloudy Headlights on Your Car




Click the video link below! I was trying different products to fix this problem on my beater car. At night, I wasn't even sure if my head lights were even on. This trick took 3 minutes and has lasted now for 6 months. Awesome and cheap!!! Check it out below.

Hope this helps!!!

Fix your head lights!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good method to use on a beater car because the over-spray may get onto your paint and damage the paint. The bug-spray melts the plastic so don't do this on your nice car without precautions like taping-off the lens with newspaper etc. Another method to use is to use #400 sandpaper and wet-sand the lens. Then use #1200 sandpaper wet-sanding again. Dry it off and use a clear coat such as rust-oleum or krylon NON-YELLOWING clear coat. The krylon brand has a spray nozzle that sprays a WIDE pattern which helps you to not make paint-runs.... if you are careful.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It looks nice because the solvents in the bug spray actually melt the plastic. If you sprayed the headlight, and waited a minute or so, they would feel tacky, and you would see the slime on your fingers.

    Best method: Go get a can of polishing compound, use it with a damp cloth, and rub away the oxidized layer. Then, when you wax your car, wax your lenses.

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the insight. I was just happy to find something that worked. My father in law had just paid $150 for this service and I wanted to find a cheaper way. This is something people would have laying around and is functional. For a more expensive car, I might not have been "exploring" options that I had lying around.