Fix for Image Not Showing in GrblControl When Using Inkscape With 305 Engineers GCode Generator Extension.

Introduction: Fix for Image Not Showing in GrblControl When Using Inkscape With 305 Engineers GCode Generator Extension.

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When I first started using GRBLControl with GCode generated by the 305 Engineers GCode Generator for Inkscape extension, the image would not appear in the visualiser window.

The code would appear in the bottom window but no image.

This little edit of the 305 Engineers .py extension file fixes it.

Step 1. Open C/Program Files (x86)/Inkscape/Share/Extensions and look for the 305 Engineers GCode files.
The file you need is:

Step 2. Make a copy of it and keep it safe in case you need to replace it at some time.
If you are using the 64 bit version of Inkscape it will be in C/Program Files/Inkscape/Share/Extensions

Step 3. Open the file with Notepad.

Step 4. Scroll down through the text until you get to here:

#Configurazioni iniziali standard Gcode
file_gcode.write('; Generated with:\n; "Raster 2 Laser Gcode generator"\n; by 305 Engineering\n;\n;\n;\n')
if self.options.homing == 1:
file_gcode.write('G28; home all axes\n')
elif self.options.homing == 2:
file_gcode.write('$H; home all axes\n')
file_gcode.write('G21; Set units to millimeters\n')
file_gcode.write('G90; Use absolute coordinates\n')
file_gcode.write('G92; Coordinate Offset\n')

#Creazione del Gcode

Step 5. After the last entry that says coordinate offset\n') press enter to make a space and type in:

file_gcode.write('G0; \n')
file_gcode.write('Z0; \n')

Step 6. Close the file and when asked if you want to save it click YES.

Step 7. To see if it works open Inkscape and create your image/design. Then click on the Extensions menu and select the 305 Engineering extension and then click Raster 2 Laser Gcode generator. Enter an Export directory to save the file to, give your file a name and set any required settings to suit your Laser engraver and click Apply.

Step 8. Close Inkscape and Open grblControl and drag and drop your generated file on to the main window.
If the image shows up in the visualiser window it is working.
The image may appear with vertical lines / gaps in it, this is not a problem.
The image will still burn correctly.

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