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Either Mr Coffee has a problem or home builders and cabinet makers do. It shouldn't be a problem that a home owner should have to solve. I have always been a "Do it Your Selfer", but what about a homeowner who is not?

The following steps shows what I did, and it is something almost anyone can do.

Step 1: What's the Problem?

We love our Mr Coffee brewer, but there is a major problem with it. The space between the coffee maker lid and the upper cabinets is 4 inches. Raising the lid on the coffee maker requires at least 9 inches. We cannot raise the lid to add the water to the reservoir or put in the filter and ground coffee. One solution would have been to move to another house or tear out the cabinets, but we love living here and I was not going to tear out the cabinet. Here is my simple fix to the problem.

Step 2: Tools Required

1 - Box cutter


1 - Pair of side cutting pliers (AKA side cutters).

Step 3: Fixing the Problem:

When I thought "Outside the Box", I realized I could stay living here, leave the cabinets intact and still use the Mr Coffee by removing the hinge from the lid. That was an easy task. All that was required was to slice off 2 little pins that held the lid on the coffee maker and served as a hinge mechanism. I used a box cutter and two minutes later, I had a removable lid instead of a hinged lid. You could also use a cutting tool such as a pair of side cutting snips.

I think this is a universal problem and literally thousands, if not millions of coffee drinkers, have this problem. Just be careful and don't cut yourself. Comments below are welcome.



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3 years ago

Many times the simplest solutions is the best. Cool stuff!

1 reply

Cool looking project. If you want to make the video easier for people to view, you can upload it to YouTube and then embed it on the page with the Embed Video tool in the step editor.

2 replies

Thanks Jason, I thought I had it loaded on Youtube and then imbedded. I did it again and I think it's working now.